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About the Pickle Baseball Camp System

My name is Bobby Bride, I am the owner and founder of Pickle Baseball. You might be asking yourself how did I come up with the name Pickle Baseball? I will get to that in a minute!!!

It all started about two years ago, after attending a showcase. Within minutes of the showcase was over, I was fielding a bunch of phone calls and text messages from parents and athletes wanting to know.

• What was my 60 time?
• What was my exit velocity?
• What was my arm strength from the mound?

This continued on for a few days after the showcase. To the point, I was getting annoyed. Right there, I found a need for a website/app. A website/app that gives you all your data in real-time for baseball and soon to be softball.

After thinking about my website idea for a couple days. I decided to run my idea by a couple close friends of mine in the baseball industry. They had a similar thoughts and ideas to what I presented to them. They helped enhance my idea in numerous ways. By providing myself with information, evaluation scale and bunch of other resources. They were both too busy to work on this idea with me. But, would support me anyway they could. I have relied on them a lot for the past two years.

That idea was to develop a website/app that is user friendly for college coaches to use for camps, showcase and recruiting evaluations. That allows all parents, players, college coaches and MLB Scouts in attendance to know every players velocities, times, grades and comments instantly. Which will cut down hours and sometimes weeks’ worth of work that all college baseball coaches have to put in for post camp work. To allow all athletes, parents, college coaches and scouts in attendance to see all the information and numbers in real-time.

In addition, we have also allowed college coaches to use Pickle Baseball System for their everyday in-game recruiting needs. So, that each coach could get familiar with the Pickle Baseball System on a daily basis. Also, allows them to keep an on-going recruiting database not only from camps and showcases, but for in-game recruiting. We all know it’s hard to stay on track with your recruiting from event to event.

Now, how did I come up with the name Pickle Baseball?

While developing this website/app with Mirata Marketing team. I kept using the phrase “Run Down of Players”. Meaning, when you are a recruiting coordinator at the college level after every camp, showcase or game you attend. You always have to call your Head Coach and give him a run-down of what you seen that day. A run-down is also referred to as a pickle in baseball. So, when it came about to create a business name and domain name. The Mirata Marketing team threw up a couple ideas on the marker board. Once, I saw the word Pickle Baseball that word describe the website purpose in full.

Now about me Bobby Bride

Looking back to 2007, my first ever college baseball coaching gig at Kansas City Kansas Community College. I wanted to coach college baseball because I wanted to learn how to recruit. While at my KCKCC, the coaching staff threw me in the fire weekly as the Assistant Recruiting Coordinator. I was literally clueless on what I was doing. A big part to developing this app/website is to help younger college coaches and the experienced college coaches improve their evaluation skills.

After KCKCC, I moved on to a small NAIA school called University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Where I was the Graduate Assistant Baseball Coach/Recruiting Coordinator. That was where I learned the most about myself as far as recruiting. I had no radar gun, just learned to use my eyes and trust myself. The Head Coach/Athletic Director made me keep a 3-ring binder of every bit of information I collected. It was to be worked on and stored in his office at all times. I had over 1,000 plus recruits in that 3-ring binder I built. In my last year, is where I realized I wanted to become a scout.

Moved on to Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina, Kansas from 2009 to 2012. This is where my evaluation skills took off as a recruiting coordinator. Thanks to having an unlimited recruiting budget. I was literally gone 9 months out of the year recruiting on the road all over the country. At KWU, I would literally fly to recruits hometown, drive to his house, offer him and have them sign his letter of intent right in front me. Like I tell everyone, my experience at KWU allowed me to see best players across the country. Once, I finished my third year at KWU. I decided to move back and get into scouting.

My scouting experience has included working with Tonto Blue Jays, MLB Scouting Bureau, Saint Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers and Seattle Mariners organizations from 2012 to present. I attended MLB Scout School in 2015. The Pickle Baseball System has been developed from my overall experiences in scouting and what I have learned from MLB Scout School

My overall goal in creating this website and app is too:

• Teach College Coaches/Recruiting Coordinators how to become better evaluators
• Make recruiting easier and more efficient for everyone
• Cut down on extra work inside the office by keeping you organized
• Allow better communicate amongst coaching staff

Benefits of the Pickle Baseball Camp system:
• Real-time data entry
• Consistent measurement scale to compare across multiple camps
• Faster evaluation development post camp

Benefits of the Pickle Baseball Recruiting system:
• Organize all in-game recruiting, camps and showcase information into one spot
• Instant feedback to coaching staff after recruiting trips
• Cuts down on recruiting meetings
• Tracks coaches recruiting efforts
• No more late night phone call to the Head Coach after a long day of recruiting.

Contact us today and get a free demo of our system and see how Pickle Baseball can make your camps run better.

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